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Cast: John Barry,Francis Ford Coppola,Ang Lee,Spike Lee

Producer(s): Dan Lieberstein,Kati Meister

Director(s): Dan Lieberstein


Year: 2007

Rating: NR

Lights,Action,Music is a documentary directed by Dan Lieberstein tha goes into detail on how hard it is to create original music for a film and why music is an important part of movies. Most movie-goers pretty much take the music they "somewhat" hear in the background during an intense scene for granted. But what if that score was taken away, would the scene still have the same impact? There answer is no, music is a very important part of cinema and it helps bring all the other aspects of the film together to create the atmosphere. That's what is explored here with interviews from some of the biggest names in film-making like Francis Ford Coppola,Ang Lee and Spike Lee to name a few.This takes a fascinating look into what it takes to get the right score to fit a film, some of the interviews are brief, more like a quick statement to fill in time but others are more detailed and give us a lot more insight into something we as viewers don't really think about when watching a film. The film jumps around a lot making it a bit awkward at times but there's also some great stuff like a glimpse of Mr. Coppola’s forthcoming “Youth Without Youth,” with music by Osvaldo Golijov, an Argentina-born composer who grew up in Eastern Europe, won a MacArthur fellowship in 2003 and teaches in the United States. A snippet of the movie, in which the director instructed Mr. Golijov to evoke a mood of regret, is shown and analyzed by the composer. This is one instance and example of how much u can feel a scene when the music is applied. Over-all I found this film to be not only a learning experience but it also gave me more respect for those behind the scenes trying to create the music that will help set the right mood that leads to the next memorable scene. This may not be for those of you that just like to watch a movie but for lovers of cinema this is a must-see film. Released by First Look Studios. **** Out Of *****