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AVH: Alien vs. Hunter

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Cast: Dedee Pfeiffer,William Katt,Matthew Bolton

Producer(s): David Michael Latt

Director(s): Scott Harper


Year: 2007

Rating: NR

When a Alien spacecraft crash lands in a small town the locals must fight for their lives against the Alien being and a bounty hunter from space looking to not only take down the alien but anyone that gets in his way.

You would think by now that people would know what their getting when the pick up a film from The Asylum, it's not brain surgery. I refuse to call these films rip-offs because Hollywood does that on a constant basis themselves so this is more a tie-in to the AVP sequel coming out soon to theaters. The film is written by Michael Latt and directed by Scott Harper who directed the very entertaining Asylum film "Supercroc" also Scott has worked on many films in the Visual Effects Department such as "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" and "Snakes on a Plane" to name a few, so he knows his business. AVH borrows the basic idea of it's counterpart but thats where any thing similar ends. This alien is much different in looks and the galactic bounty hunter is a style which reminded more of something you might see coming out of Japan. The effects over-all are very effective as well as being impressive considering this film's budget and it being shot in just 12 days. The acting is very good and the cast is a friendly one including William Katt and Dedee Pfeiffer. I always enjoy these film's because I take them for what they are and do not try to compare them to similar Hollywood film's that have a budget 100x more. AVH is not Asylum's best film but I was never bored while watching it and was entertained till the very end which by the way has a nice twist to it. If you like Sci-Fi and are looking for something different I suggest you give this a shot. I don't think you will be disappointed and there's a lot worse movies you could be watching. The DVD comes with bonus features that include:


Filmmakers Commentary

Making of AVH and more

Released by The Asylum Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****