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Love's Unending Legacy

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Cast: Erin Cottrell,Dale Midkiff,Victor Browne,Samantha Smith

Producer(s): Erik Olson,Brian Gordon

Director(s): Mark Griffiths

Genre:Drama / Family / Romance / Western

Year: 2007

Rating: NR

The screen version of the acclaimed fiction series “Love Comes Softly” continues. Two years have passed since the tragic death of Missie LaHaye's husband Willie. Ultimately unable to work the land on her own, Missie (Erin Cottrell) and son Maddie leave Tettsford Junction for the security of her father's ranch and the hope of a new life. New adventures await as Missie takes in reluctant orphan Belinda (Holliston Coleman) who hides a secret. A new home also brings the possibility of romance… if Missie can manage to put the past behind her. Dale Midkiff and Victor Browne also star in this touching story of faith and love.

As in most all books to movie adaptations you lose a lot and some things within the story are changed for various reasons and it's the same here but with as many movies that are already out this is a pretty entertaining film. The cast is very good and portray their roles very well. The scenery is fantastic and camera work is spot on as well. The film itself is spotty at times but I think that's because I have not seen all the other films so those that have will have a better idea of what happened in past that leads to a lot of what goes on in this film. Still I felt this was a very entertaining Christian based movie and both fan's of the books and just drama fans in general will surely enjoy as well. If your not familiar with the series of books or movies I suggest you look into seeing all them from the start to better get an idea of what's happening here. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****