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Masters of Horror: The V Word

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Cast: Arjay Smith,Branden Nadon,Michael Ironside

Producer(s): Lisa Richardson,Tom Rowe

Director(s): Ernest R. Dickerson


Year: 2006

Rating: NR

In the American town of Collingswood as Justin convinces his best friend Kerry that it would be fun to drop in on his cousin James who works at a funeral home and look at a real dead body. Once there they break in & are shocked to discover James body, they are then brutally attacked by guy who tears Kerry's throat out as Justin manages to escape through a window. Later that night Justin hears a knock on his front door & is surprised to see Kerry standing there covered in blood, Kerry dies in front of Justin & returns as a Vampire. Will their friendship be enough to save Justin from ending up with the same fate?

I guess it's hard to make a vampire film today that is original since the genre has been done so many times before so I was not surprised that V Word was sort of ordinary. The first half of V Word is much like the movies "Fright Night" and "Lost Boys" and builds the story up nicely with a great pace and it does a great job at introducing us to the main characters but this episode falls apart a lot in the second half which is ashame because the first 30 minutes looked very promising. One of the things I found to be bad about this was they fact that did not keep to the original vampire traditions like the vampires have no fangs and they instead rip the throat out of their victims and feed that way, different yes but that's not always best. The cast of very good and I never pass up a chance to yes Michael Ironside in anything as he is a very talented and underrated actor in my opinion. Michael does a fantastic job as the vampire, making the most out of his role and really looking like he had fun with it. This isn't the worse Masters of Horror episode but it's not the best either due to it's uneven script, still if your a fan of the vampire genre and looking for something a little different then pick this title up today. Released by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment/Starz Home Entertainment. *** Out Of *****