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Cast: Nicholas Bool,Mads Koudal,Jared Morgan

Producer(s): Gareth Evans,Matt Flannery,Daniel Watkeys

Director(s): Gareth Evans


Year: 2006

Rating: NR

ANDREW is in his early 20ís - emasculated, humiliated, lost. His parents are dead and gone, and Andrew is left inconsolable. Afraid that those he loves he loses, Andrew pushes all who care for him away until he is left alone. When a final bid to escape his nihilism brutally and tragically fails he is left abandoned in an underpass. And here, in the pitch of night, a solitary light finds him as the Cameraman approaches with a debtor in tow. Salvation or damnation, this encounter will lead Andrew to walk down a path far darker than he ever dared fear.

This is a film out of Wales that can truly find a global audience, it packs all the right elements and power to do so. From it's opening scene Footsteps grabs you by the throat and never lets go till the end credits and you feel the effects long after it's over. The movie is as advertised, very violent at times but there's a lot more to this film than just the violence. There's a lot of character development here and a lot of other emotions are here besides the obvious which just add to the over all feeling of the movie. This is about as powerful as any Independent film can get, showing what can be done on a low budget budget if you have all the right talent together. Actor Mads Koudal steals the film among a terrific cast, when he is on the screen you cannot take your eyes off his powerful performance. British Cinema has always been hit and miss with me but Footsteps has given me hope for the industry over there, it is simply a powerful film packed with grit and emotion and even the big Hollywood film's can only wish they had. Released by TLA Releasing. ***** Out Of *****