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Shira: The Vampire Samurai

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Cast: Bejan Amini,Chona Jason,Lou Klein

Producer(s): Tre Lovell

Director(s): Jeff Centauri


Year: 2005

Rating: Unrated

The in feudal Japan where Shira is being pursued by ninja. Her husband, Yoshi, chases after them and a samurai, Kenji, also pursues them. Despite their best efforts one of the ninja catches Shira, it is a vampire that then bites her. Not wishing to become a vampire she commits ritual sacrifice. The attempt fails and from there we get to modern days as well as seeing some flashbacks on her resurrection and training. Also we get to see the fall of Kenji, who becomes a vampire who is after her blood. Now a half human, half vampire in modern times Shira is working for a group of vampire hunters looking to kill all the blood suckers but it seems the vampires seem to be gathering. It seem the the vampire master Kristof is planning to use Shira to create a breed of vampires that can walk around in the daylight since she is part human and can do so herself during the day.

Sadly the film's biggest problem is the story, the director just didn't seem to know how to put all the pieces together in a way that entertains and doesn't confuse the viewer. The film is just a mess was far as plot goes so do not try to understand much of it cause I think it's nearly impossible to do so. The acting goes from average to bad but you would have to blame a lot of it on the writing as well since the cast is only saying what was written for them to say. S far it seems like I did not enjoy the film but thats not entirely right, I look at this film for what it is and it's a very low budget production so you cannot compare this to "Blade" even if it asks for it with many of the story borrowed here. The film's best feature is it's action scenes, sure their not great but they ain't have bad either and there's plenty of them in the film. I can say over-all it was a fairly entertaining film, I wasn't bored, confused at times but never bored. So if your looking for something different to watch tonight and are a fan of vampire flicks and Asian cinema you may want to pick this title up tonight. Released by Maverick Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****

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