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Cast: Eric Jacobus,Ed Kahana,Andy Leung,Tyler Wang,Dennis Ruel

Producer(s): Eric Jacobus

Director(s): Eric Jacobus


Year: 2006

Rating: NR

After blowing a routine heist, anti-social thug-for-hire, Law (Eric Jacobus) must resume his day job as a shady San Francisco tour guide. Before he knows it, Law and his group of unsuspecting tourists are in a race against time to recover a videocassette tape that will rescue the politically unstable country of Uruvia.

The Stunt People, a group of California based stuntmonkeys are known for their 30 minute 2006 MTV Movie Award-nominated film, "Undercut" but this feature film goes far beyond that. Sure it's low budget, hell there's hardly any budget at all here but Director,co-star and co-founder of The Stunt People, Eric Jacobus and his team have taken the low budget action theme and made something that dazzles and entertains more than it's budget should ever allow. I can't remember a Independent action film being this incredible in a very long time. The story is cheesy as well as the acting but the fights and camera work go where not even a big budget film has gone in some time. There's some incredible fights here that are realistic and brutal. This movie is loaded and packed with zany characters and comedy as well as energetic fight scenes that are reminiscent of classic 80's Kung Fu films. This is a must own for any Martial Arts fan or fan's of action in general. Contour is one hell of a fun ride that never stops entertaining. Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****