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Fall Into Me

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Cast: Ron Menzel,Heidi Fellner,Meisha Johnson,Kimberly Morgan

Producer(s): Tim VandeSteeg

Director(s): Tim VandeSteeg


Year: 2006

Rating: NR

Steven Jacobs was just dumped by his latest girlfriend and now in deep heartbreak he takes a job as a school bus driver. While delivering a book to his ex at a local hospital where she works a accident leads him to meet Maria, a volunteer at the same hospital. Mistaken as a person with a rare rare kidney disease while Maria is after a support group meeting and Steven falls head over heels for her. Too afraid to tell Maria the truth Steven lets her believe he is sick for his fear of losing her but Maria finds out on her own which ruins his plans to come clean on his own which Maria then ends the relationship. Determine to win her back Steven comes up with a last ditch effort, but will it be enough is left to be seen.

A romantic comedy that is for the most part predictable but that's what we expected right? The good news is it's a funny and sweet tale of true love between two people that lie to one another for the fear of losing each other. As a Critic I get to review films in also all genres and as far as romantic comedies going you will not find many better than this. There's a lot to like here, first off this is a sweet and often funny in a good way and not offensive way, a well written delightful script. Second the acting, The main leads, Ron Menzel as Steven and Heidi Fellner as Maria are terrific together, I look for big things from these two young actors that deserve to be in more films. From the outside this looks like a typical love story we have seen many times before but inside the film contains some very nice plot twists that not only make this film special but also a lot of fun as well. Sure this makes for a great date movie but it's also just a wonderful feel good film showing that love can conquer all. The film also contains a terrific and fresh soundtrack that enhances each scene. I cannot recommend this gem enough, it suer left a smile on my face long after seeing it. Released by WestLake Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****