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When Nietzche Wept

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Cast: Armand Assante,Andreas Beckett,Ben Cross

Producer(s): Pinchas Perry

Director(s): Pinchas Perry


Year: 2007

Rating: PG-13

Based on the bestselling, award-winning novel. The film tells the story of obsession, love and fate that formed the basis of modern psychoanalysis. Friedrich Nietzsche, Sigmund Freud, Dr. Josef Breuer and Anna O cross paths when Nietzsche is a sick, poor and unknow philosopher and Freud is a 26 year old medical intern. They are brought together by a heart-breaking love triangle and the beautiful Lou Salome, who defied the morals of her time. The sensual yet unattainable Lou convinces Dr. Breuer to experiment on Nietzsche's mind with his controversial "talking cure." In his attempt, Breuer himself becomes a patient and the two enter a world where reality and dreams collide. Breuer is forced to deal with his sexual obsession with Anna while Nietzsche must forget the love of his life. A dramatic story of 2 of the most important and enigmatic men who changed the course of history.

Director Pinchas Perry who also co-wrote the script did a fantastic job adapting a very difficult novel to the big screen. The film with very intense and serious subject matter but the film-makers managed to make it entertaining with a great pace that never allows the viewer to become bored at anytime. I was really fascinated to see the lives of these two geniuses in their younger days. Also the dream scenes were a great addition to the film and made it very original. There's a lot of good things about this movie but I felt the best was Armand Assante as Nietzsche, he played his role beyond anything you could imagine bringing out emotions in the viewer, simply brilliant. The rest of the cast including Ben Cross were all fantastic as well. This is a period piece that that displays the power of friendship, a moving film that shows just how important Independent film is. Released by First Look Media. **** Out Of *****