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Grayson Arms

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Cast: Judd Nelson,Jennifer Carpenter,Stacey Dash

Producer(s): Gary Barkin,Michael Feifer

Director(s): Michael Feifer


Year: 2005

Rating: R

A group of people living in a rent controlled apartment building, The Grayson Arms, begin turning up dead soon after a man and his daughter buy the property. Thrillers like this have been done over and over but what the makes this one stand out from most is the the characters in the film. You have a mixed bag as far as characters go here from a grumpy and nervous old lady to a a trans-gendered person and most importantly we have Sara who is living with her mentally disturbed twin sister, Tess. As the film opens the landlord is at the building fixing a few things when he is suddenly killed off, this opens the way for a middle-aged black man and his young, attractive daughter, Amanda, who would prefer this not remain a rent controlled building. The film has a great cast including Judd Nelson and Jennifer Carpenter who gives a great performance as both sisters. Credit to the the film's writer Gary Barkin and director Michael Feifer as well for making more than just another run of the mill thriller here, instead they make a pretty clever movie with use of some great and interesting characters as well as some very nice plot twists along the way keeping you guessing till the very end and beyond. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****