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Dark Mind

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Cast: Christopher Masterson,Lyndsy Fonseca,David DeLuise,Clayton Landey

Producer(s): Nicholas Peterson,Martin Berneman,Jenny Hinkey Christopher Masterson .... producer

Director(s): Nicholas Peterson


Year: 2006

Rating: NR

Young Genius inventor Paul Lionette won many awards for his new ideas and inventions but he soon learns no one can be trusted. After winning his latest award his dad takes the check and disappears for good, several years later he finds himself alone and broke as he watches his mom on her death bed. Determined to change things he decides to sell off all his inventions and get his mom well and have enough money left over to continue his own work. Soon after Paul begins to slip into insanity, paranoid that everyone around him is after what he has, he becomes delusional to the point that makes him the latest suspect in a recent murder spree. First off I loved the look of this film, a Noir feel to it with perfect setting and a terrific soundtrack that really helps set the mood. The cast is terrific including Christopher Masterson as Paul, he really delivers a great performance bringing out both the geek side and the paranoid side as well making it very believable. A drama/thriller thats games with your mind as you wonder what twist will be next, a very well written script that is engaging and smart. Also I liked the way the film ended and felt it was very clever. I recommend this to anyone looking for something different or just a good drama with a twist. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****