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Cast: Negra Li,Cindy Mendes,Leilah Moreno,Jacqueline Simão

Producer(s): Tata Amaral,Geórgia Costa Araújo

Director(s): Tata Amaral

Genre:Drama/Musical Portuguese w/English Subtitles

Year: 2006

Rating: PG-13

Four talented young women living on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, form an all-female rap group but find their road to success to have it's troubles as each girl falls victim to the grim realities. But together they find that going the hard times just makes them stronger.

This can be compared to "Dreamgirls" but don't think this is a rip-off cause it's not, Antonia is similar to Dreamgirls but it's much more than that. From the opening frames you are brought into the lives of the main characters and you will remember them long after the movie is over. The cast is terrific and the film is enhanced by it's soundtrack and beautiful Brazilian landscape that captivates. The direction is spot on as well, Director Tata Amaral did a fantastic job blending all this other pieces of the film together to create a powerful and breath-taking film. You had to expect something great from the Producers of "City of God" and the film does not disappoint. There's been many other film's with the same themes but Antonia rises above them all with it's strong female friendship and showing the importance of over-coming our problems. I highly recommend this as a great example of powerful film-making. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****