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The History Boys

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Comedy/Drama Rated R. In 1980s Britain, a group of young men at Cutlers' Grammar School all have the brains, and the will to earn the chance of getting accepted in the finest universities in the nation, Oxford and Cambridge. Despite the fine teaching by excellent professionals like Mrs Lintott in history and the intellectually enthusiastic Hector in General Studies, the Headmaster is not satisfied. He signs on the young Irwin to polish the students' style to give them the best chance. In this mix of intellectualism and creative spirit that guides a rigorous preparation regime for that ultimate educational brass ring, the lives of the randy students and the ostensibly restrained faculty intertwine that would change their lives forever. We all can relate to this film as we all have been in school, some not in year they film is set but we can still relate to it's ideals and the character's lives. I felt more than anything this is a film about growing up and who can't relate to that? The cast is fantastic, so much that I cannot even pick any one or two actors that stood out as it was a solid effort by all. the film will make you laugh and it may make you cry but in the end as the credits roll you will have a smile on your face knowing that you have watched a highly entertaining movie. Based off the Play, which in most cases ends up being a disappointment but hats off to director Nicholas Hytner for mixing together the drama and humor of growing up perfectly making a film that all can enjoy. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****