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This Hollow Sacrament

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Cast: Marcus D. Shelby,April Potter,Sheila McClay,Anthony Falcon

Producer(s): Jon Rogers,Lacie Oakley,Todd Gearou

Director(s): Greg Stechman


Year: 2006

Rating: NR

Based upon a series of true events, "Hollow" follows a haunted Gulf War soldier (now a police detective) as he attempts to track down four women who have become the obsession of a serial killer who targets rape victims. The film follows the lives of the four women, as well as the people surrounding them, in attempt to answer the questions that still linger today regarding their deaths.

The Serial Killer genre has been really over-done in a lot of ways but "Hollow" offers up a fresh and original take on it. Independent Cinema is something a lot of people just don't get, they want a big cast and major explosions to to able to enjoy a movie today but Indie film's are slowly gaining a lot of popularity. Director Greg Stechman obviously had a very limited budget to work off of here but after seeing this film you can tell he used every penny very wisely and made a solid film from it. The use of music and effects really helped set the tone in certain scenes and gave the intense and scary parts an extra edge to them. This film is so effective at telling it story that it will have you getting extra locks on your doors at night. If you have a weak stomach of horror stay clear of this one but if you like graphic,bloody horror that made even scarier by the fact it's based off true events then you are going to want to pick this film up today. It's as advertised a real trip into hell. Released by TLA releasing. ***** Out Of *****