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Cast: Jason Biggs,Natascha McElhone,Jeremy Northam,Michael Ironside

Producer(s): Sam Taylor,Jason Piette,Mike Downey

Director(s): Saul Metzstein


Year: 2005

Rating: R

Rudy awakens in an Army Hospital to find that he has been mistakenly sent to a base deep in the frozen wastes of Greenland surrounded by only a swarm of mosquitoes. The one positive is the beautiful Sergeant Irene, whom he becomes romantically involved with only to discover that she is the girlfriend of Colonel Woolwrap. As Rudy pursues Irene, he uncovers the secret of The Wing: a hospice for American casualties from a reckless mission in the Vietnam War. Woolwrap’s orders are to maintain the unit in secret until the last man has died. Rudy befriends one of the patients, GUY X creating a security breach that will cause the Pentagon to intervene and eliminate the operation.

Fan's of Jason Biggs will be excited to see his new film but just keep in mind this is as much a drama as it is a comedy and it's humor is nothing like what your use to seeing Mr. Biggs in. I read a few other reviews before watching this film saying the direction was a bit confusing but I felt after watching it that the film-makers had their reasons for it and it made the film refreshing to me. Also the scenery and cinematography where both fantastic and really helped add to the over-all feel of the movie. The cast was terrific, Mr. Biggs was excellent and handles the dramatic parts of the movie as good as any actor could of and deserved to win the Taormina Film Fest Award for Best Actor. The rest of the cast was just as impressive and it always great for me to see Michael Ironside in a film as I think he's a amazing actor. The cover makes this seem like a comedy but it's much more, the light moments make way for a more serious and heavy twist as the film moves along and it's the mix of both that I felt made this a much better movie than it has been given credit film. Filmed in 2005, it's ashame this never got a wide release in cinemas but you can now pick this entertaining movie up today on DVD, I am sure you will enjoy this film as much as I did. Released by First Look Media. **** Out Of *****