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Cast: Keri Russell,Nathan Fillion,Cheryl Hines,Jeremy Sisto,Andy Griffith,Adrienne Shelly

Producer(s): Michael Roiff

Director(s): Adrienne Shelly


Year: 2007

Rating: PG-13

Jenna is a waitress in a small town diner who is known for making the best pies around but she is also stuck in an unhappy marriage to a controlling and immature husband. But Jenna's life takes a unexpected turn when she finds out that she is pregnant. Now she is more determined to win a local pie contest and use the money to escape the world she finds herself stuck in but an affair with her doctor makes things even more complicated.

Waitress starts off more like a Arthouse film than anything mainstream but shortly in it settles down to a more commercial feel. There's a lot to like here even if you are not into romantic movies, The cast is excellent,Keri Russell is magnificent and Jeremy Sisto is again amazing(has this guy ever been bad in any film?). The film also features a brilliant performance by Andy Griffith as the horny old geezer who owns the diner where Russell works, what a delight it is to see him in a feature film. Waitress might have the same chance as "Little Miss Sunshine" as it packs a lot of the same qualities in film-making. The humor might to called similar to what the Coen Brothers do but this is much more than that, this has the emotional ending that few films have that really separates Waitress from the rest. It's very sad that Writer/Director Adrienne Shelly, who was also a talented actress did not get this see this film released or enjoy it's success as I believe that was the movie to launch her career as a true contender in mainstream cinema. Adrienne was found murdered before the movie was released in theaters. But what she left behind with Waitress is a great gift for family and film-lovers everywhere. Own this DVD today it's worth adding to your collection. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****