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The Family Holiday

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Cast: Dave Coulier,Christina Pickles,Terisa Greenan,Alexa Fischer

Producer(s): Joseph Broido,Rich Cowan

Director(s): Craig Clyde


Year: 2007

Rating: NR

Donald "Doc" Holiday is a con man with a knack for trouble. Before he can inherit his uncle's fortune, he must become the perfect family man, complete with a wife, kids and even a dog.

This is one of the few times of the year when the entire family can sit down together and watch a movie together with all the family-friendly movies that come out around Christmas. The Family Holiday is one such film and is one the whole family can enjoy without the parents having to worry what the little ones might see or hear. Fan's of the hit Television show "Full House" will enjoy seeing Dave Coulier in a feature film and he shines here in both his physical humor and a surprising dramatic role as well. The entire cast was excellent and the kids in the movie shined as a high-light of the film. There's something for everyone here, parents will like the family values portrayed, the meaning that family is what is important and not things we can go out and buy and the kids will enjoy the physical humor, and the skills of the twins. This is a film that is caring,funny and filled with some very important lessons that we can all learn from. A perfect film for the Holiday season and one that will be for years to come so own this DVD today. Released by PorchLight Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****