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The Insurgents

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Cast: John Shea,Mary Stuart Masterson,Henry Simmons,Juliette Marquis

Producer(s): Stan Erdreich,John A. Gallagher,Michael Parness,Elana Pianko Gregory Segal

Director(s): Scott Dacko


Year: 2006

Rating: R

The Insurgents depicts four Americans come together to build a truck bomb and plan to detonate it on a target in the U.S. Highlighting the days leading up to the event, The Insurgents is more about the motivations of the people involved than the act itself.

The film with each of the four people showing up on camera pouring their hearts out about the way the system is and why they believe what they are about to do is right. From there it moves to The woman, an ex-prostitute meeting Robert,a right wing radical at a meeting and having him sign his book for her as well as giving her his views on the political side of things in this country. From there the movie begins to flow at a good and very interesting pace. There's also some flashback scenes that get you up to speed on the motives of this small terrorist cell and how the all came together. I film deals more with the motives and beliefs of those involved and the planning than the event itself and even if you do not agree with the characters views on everything from 9/11 till present day it just makes for some interesting talk later. No doubt this is a thriller but the movie relies on the cast to make it work since their mostly a lot of talking going on a lot of interaction between the lead actors. The cast is terrific, each actor plays a believable and radical character except for Michael Mosley who plays James, the one the convince Hana to seduce in older to get him on board as the driver and ultimately the fall guy. I have said enough about the plot already so I will stop there but this is a suspenseful thriller that makes you think and what "what if". I know there's been many film's about terrorism since 9/11 but this one is different and one of the better movies about it to come out. First time Director and Writer Scott Dacko deserves a lot of credit here for making a film that is as absorbing as this. Also let's mention the cast, we already did mention Mosley before but rounding out this terrific cast is John Shea as the Robert, Mary Stuart Masterson,Henry Simmons and Juliette Marquis.This film hits on all cylinders. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****

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