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Pearl Diver

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Cast: Maddie Abshire,Brian Boland,Jim Bowen,Christopher Collard,Jeremy Glickstein,Joey Honsa,Amy Jean Johnson

Producer(s): Sidney King

Director(s): Sidney King


Year: 2004

Rating: N/A

Pearl Diver is the story of two sisters, how they are haunted by the twenty-year old murder of their mother, and what happens when a farming accident rips away the layers of secrecy and buried trauma surrounding that night Marian is a young mother who lives in the Mennonite farming community where she grew up, while her younger sister Hannah left the community to pursue a writing career in Chicago. When Marian's six-year old daughter Rebecca is badly injured in a farming accident, Hannah returns home to help. As the two sisters struggle with the circumstances surrounding Rebecca's accident and how to pay for her medical treatment, their opposing worldviews drive them towards a penultimate confrontation and reconciliation over their shared past, a past that simultaneously divides them yet binds them together. What they learn is that sometimes the secrets from the past can bring hope for the future.

I often wonder how some films make their way to the big screen in wide release and other but better movies some how get lost for some times years. Pearl Diver is one such film. made in 2004 this gem has yet to see daylight on DVD but fear not, in 2008 Pearl Diver will makes it's long over due debut. If your looking for some CGI or action avoid this movie but if your looking for something down to earth that has a story to it well then you can't get much better. Pearl Diver is a film about many things, one being the lose of a loved one and how it effects the rest of the family that remains. The film takes place in the state of Indiana and the cinematography is breath-taking. The film is a first for Director Sidney King who also wrote and produced the movie and after seeing this you wonder why this man has not gotten anymore work since 2004. The story is beautifully written and I do not think they could of chosen a better cast, the actors and actresses show great chemistry together. Simply put this is a fantastic piece of cinema about heartache,love and family values that we can all relate to. Pearl Diver is a powerful film that touches your heart and brings a tear to your eyes..a must see film!! Released by Monterey Media. ***** Out Of *****

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