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Zombie Town

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Cast: Adam Hose,Brynn Lucas,Dennis Lemoine,Phil Burke

Producer(s): Damon Lemay,Zorinah Juan,Mary Beth French

Director(s): Damon Lemay


Year: 2007

Rating: R

Local mechanic Jake LaFond's life is suddenly disrupted when mysterious parasites transform the law-abiding citizens of his quaint hometown into hoards of cannibalistic zombies. Isolated from the outside world by an accident on the only road out of town, Jake turns to Alex, his ex-girlfriend, for help. Together they try to solve the mystery behind this rapidly spreading infection. As the town grows deadlier by the moment, Jake's gun-toting rival, Randy, becomes the third person in this trio of unlikely heroes and the battle is on. Between blood hungry grandmothers and lethal domestic animals, Jake, Alex and Randy must fight to make it through the night. Can they survive?

Yes we know there's been endless Zombie films since Romero's masterpiece and some better than others for sure. I saw the trailer for Zombie Town and it does the film no justice, the trailer makes this look like a very bad low budget effort but after watching the movie I can now say it's not half bad, in fact I enjoyed this film. Sure it's low budget but isn't that what zombies movies are suppose to be? Fans get everything they want here from gore, flash of nudity, shots to head and some pretty good zombie make-up as well. Sure there's nothing original here but that doesn't matter either. The film also delivers a nice dose of humor along the way which adds to the entertainment value as well. Director Damon Lemay keeps the film moving at a great pace with lots of action and a few jump scares as well to keep everyone happy. The cast of unknowns do a good job playing out their roles but it's the lively story that makes this a zombie film worth renting. Released by MTI Home Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****