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I am Omega

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Cast: Mark Dacascos,Matthew Bolton,Geoff Meed

Producer(s): David Michael Latt

Director(s): Griff Furst


Year: 2007

Rating: NR

First off I am a huge fan of Mark Dacascos and am always game for anything new he is in so I was really looking forward to this film and I was not disappointed.

In a futuristic dystopia, a lethal plague has killed or mutated every human on Earth except one. Now, the planet's solitary survivor (Mark Dacascos) finds himself in an ongoing battle with the horrific mutants who have taken control of the planet. Forced to fight or be killed by the creatures intent on eliminating him, he has only his wits -- and his deadly fighting skills -- to help him stay alive.

Also ever since The Asylum release "Universal Soldiers" I have been a fan of actor turned director Griff Furst, this guy really has a good eye for the camera and this film is another step forward in his career. The film is a cross between "Omega Man" and "I Am Legend" landing somewhere in the middle of both story wise but don't be fooled by this being a low budget effort cause it plays much bigger than that. The cinematography is ever good and the choice of locations as well make for a believable film. Dacascos kicks major butt in any film he's in and here is no exception, he's either killing zombies or blowing stuff up and even using his martial arts talent to take on the undead as well. Geoff Meed co-stars along side Mark and also wrote the script to the film as well and in my opinion he did a very good job on both and is a very talented actor. The make-up is very good considering the budget and there's also some good explosions and some nice gore for you horror hounds. The Asylum has made a worthy version of the classic story and it deserves to be looked at based on it's own merits and not compared to other versions of the film. I found it to be a highly entertaining film and well worth owning today. **** Out Of *****