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Garfield Gets Real

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Cast: Rajia Baroudi,Gregg Berger,Frank Welker

Producer(s): John Davis,Mark A.Z. Dippe',Young-ki Lee,Brian Manis ,Ash R. Shah

Director(s): Mark A.Z. Dippé


Year: 2007

Rating: G

Lovable Garfield jumps out of his popular comic strip and attempts to live life as a normal cat in the "real world." But he soon finds the real world isn't all that glamorous and tries to get back to his comic-strip home. If he doesn't make it back to the comic strip before the daily newspaper goes to print, however, he may never get to see his friends, family and old job again. Yes, Garfield is back but this time in beautiful CGI and not a live action film, Let me say the movie looks fantastic, better than I had expected it to look since it's a direct to video title. Another plus here his the voice actors, they are all fantastic. I really liked the idea of the story and thought it was pulled off really well. Sure this is a bit different and that's a good thing here at least. Garfield is also different from his normal self which again is ok by me. Plus let's face it this title is aimed towards little children and I think it will do very well with the little ones but I too enjoyed it and think even "older" kids will think this is highly entertaining as well. Fan's of the lazy cat will want to check this out and parents looking for something new to get the kids will also want to pick this title up today as well. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****