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Cast: Heather Graham,Jeremy Sisto

Producer(s): Jerry Wayne,Brian R. Etting

Director(s): Alan White


Year: 2006

Rating: R

During one fateful night at the diner in which she waits tables, Hope (Heather Graham), a young transplant to Los Angeles from the Midwest, comes face to face with her own version of the seven deadly sins… Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Greed, Pride, and of course Wrath, which erupts in the form of her ex-boyfriend Will (Jeremy Sisto). Her dark-side incarnate comes at her from every angle this night in an all-out effort to devour her soul.

Broken may not be all that original but it is a powerful and engrossing drama. The film is a throwback of sorts to the way films were made back in the 70's,it's dark,moody, has a wonderful cast and has some great music to back it all up. Heather Graham easily gives the performance of her life as Hope and Jeremy Sisto is exceptional as always. Together they should great chemistry and both pour their hearts into their respective roles. The story is about choosing a path in life and where the path leads us and how we deal with it once we are there. A strong message is sent which makes this one of those films that people talk about long after seeing it. Independent film has come a long way in the last few years and Broken is an example of just how good a movie can be without a huge budget to build from. An intense film that deserves an audience. I recommend this to anyone looking for a change from the normal stuff we see in theaters today, a film that teaches and yet makes it's audience think which is never a bad thing. Released by First Look Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****