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The Cellar Door

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Cast: James DuMont,Michelle Tomlinson,Christina Reynolds

Producer(s): Hilary Six

Director(s): Matt Zettell


Year: 2007

Rating: R

There's been many movies since "Saw" came out that have the "Captive woman/person" theme and to tell you the truth some have been bad to say the least. Like the recent film "Captive". So even with a cool poster I was doubtful that The Cellar Door could of been much better but I am glad to say I was wrong.

The film opens with a tense escape scene and then switches gears to bring us the characters. First you have Herman, he's a quiet man that is both shy and a bit strange and Herman also lives alone. Seems Herman has a hobby of sorts and it's collecting women, he has even built a cage in his basement to house his "guests". When shopping one day Rudy and her roommate catch his eye and after following them home he picks which girl will be his next captive.

I am not going to go into anymore of what happens but the film slows to bring us the characters and it also builds on it's psychological that grabs a hold of you and doesn't let up till the exciting climax. The cinematography is fantastic, the tight camera work really helps built the atmosphere of being held against your will. The cast was just as impressive,James DuMont is excellent as Herman, he really brings the character's multiple personalities out and in a very believable way. Michelle Tomlinson is also terrific as Rudy, a woman at first scared for her life and then later vengeful and again she really plays the character well. Both actors share great chemistry together. The character's also don't have to talk a lot to get their feelings out, their body movements also play a big big in the way and in helping create the mood for each scene that is by the seamless. The Cellar Door is a riveting and intense horror/thriller that delivers on all fronts, avoid mindless horror films like "Captivity" and make sure you get your hands on this Independent film that plays much bigger and better than any big budget Hollywood film in it's genre in recent memory. Sadly this film does not hit video till March of 2008 be sure to mark this film on your "must-see" list. I will be keeping my eye on this cast in hopes to see them in future projects as well as Director Matt Zettell who has a great eye for making a taut horror film. Also let me mention Writer Christopher Nelson who wrote a terrific script that is both intelligent and gripping. Released by Monterey Media. ***** Out Of *****