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A Wake in Providence

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Cast: Vincent Pagano,Victoria Rowell,Adrienne Barbeau,Billy Van Zandt

Producer(s): Vincent Pagano,William Redner,Rosario Roveto Jr.

Director(s): Rosario Roveto Jr.


Year: 1999

Rating: R

Anthony comes from a traditional Italian family and one day he gets a call telling him to come home for the wake of his grandfather. So he heads back to Providence, Rhode Island with his girlfriend Alissa with him but his family goes crazy when they find out she's African American.

Sure many have called this a "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" rip-off which I can see from looking at it from the outside but once inside it's much more than that. This is a tasteful film about a family torn over their own having a girlfriend of another race. Like I said it's very well done and extremely fun. I do not think I have ever seen Adrienne Barbeau so good in any film and the rest of the talented ensemble cast all gave great performances as well. Writer's Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore are excellent at what they do and they wrote a script that is totally hilarious. Also we got to give credit to Director Rosario Roveto Jr.for putting it altogether. The only down side to this film was the fact that not a lot of people got to see it during it's theatrical run but thanks to home video you can now catch this laugh-out-loud comedy for yourself. Released by Indican Pictures **** 1/2 Out Of *****