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Cast: Damon Jones,Dave Oren Ward,Davidlee Willson,Aimee Chaffin

Producer(s): Vince Rotonda,Shaun Hill

Director(s): Randolph Kret


Year: 1998

Rating: NR

An inter-racial couple is attacked and the woman is gang-raped in a random attack. The woman suffers from so much trauma that she commits suicide and the man decides to seek revenge from the inside by joining the gang. However, once inside he learns of the reasons for their existence and starts developing a kinship until he is asked to kill someone to prove his loyalty.

I have never been a part of such a group but from seeing documentaries I would have to say that the film captures the violent world of neo-nazi skinhead street gangs quite well. The film is suppose to be nasty,ugly and very violent and it is all of them and more. Since many want to compare it to "American History X" so I might as well too, American so a glossy film with no real scene is belief where as Pariah is gritty and there was never a time that I did not feel like it was not believable. Also another plus to this to this film was it portrays the characters without preaching an ideals and lets the viewer make up their own minds. The cast for the most more was very good considering this is a low-budget film which I think was a plus here as the actors that were cast made their character's very realistic. What I like about a movie like this is it makes people think and some will hate it and others will love it for what it is but all will find it at least interesting enough to talk to others about and when a film does that I think it's done a great job. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****