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Crime/Thriller Rated R. Once a promising writer, John Hayson now gets by on the odd writing job. A personal tragedy has left him dispassionate about the world and his work and he lives his life in limbo. In the midst of this existential crisis he attends a high school reunion and meets three old friends; acquaintances he's tried to forget but who now emerge like ominous shadows from his past. Once again, face to face with the love of his life, Hayson tries to right old wrongs and get his life back on track. However, life has other plans, and he realizes that the past is best laid to rest or it might haunt you forever. He soon finds himself embroiled in a nightmarish brew of deceit, passion and murder. Wanted by the police for a heinous killing, he must choose between succumbing to his darkest desires or the light that will renew his faith in himself and his future. I can tell you that with all the really bad movies that come out any more it's a real joy when you find a little gem you never expected, rare as that is Rancid is one of them. To go into the plot here would ruin the film for all but let me just say I did not find much wrong with this movie, starting from settings,cinematography,lighting and use of flash-backs all really help in providing some great suspense. The cast is incredible and it's great to see Matthew Settle in a leading role in which he shows he can carry one movie on his own. The supporting cast is great as well including Fay Masterson and Currie Graham. Rancid is a fast-paced thriller that never lets up, one that pulls on into it's world from the opening frames and doesn't let you go till the very end. This is one film that delivers on it's promise and is one I highly recommend you own today. Released by Lions Gate Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****