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Masters of Horror: Dream Cruise

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Cast: Tom Irvine,Ethan Amis,Daniel Gillies,Yoshino Kimura,Ryo Ishibashi,Miho Ninagawa

Producer(s): Tom Rowe,Lisa Richardson,Yosuke Nakamura,Nobu Iizuka,Adam Goldworm,Ben Browning

Director(s): Norio Tsuruta


Year: 2007

Rating: NR

As not only a Critic of Asian Cinema but as a fan as well I was looking forward to seeing this mainly due to the fact that both Kji Suzuki(writer of Dark Water and The Ring Series) and Director Norio Tsuruta(Tomie) made this film.

The story is about an American lawyer, who as a young kid witnessed his brother drown to death and couldn't do anything about it. Now years later he fears the water but wanting to be close to the wife of a client he is having an affair with he decides to take the invitation to go on a cruise to talk out a business deal. Little does he know what awaits out in the deep,cold water.

The main reason a story like this works here is because Asian film-makers were behind it, Hollywood cannot capture the same atmosphere that Asian cinema creates. There's a few plots that are at work here and later in the movie tie together leaving you to make your own conclusions but together they make for a very interesting story. The ghost is very creepy and really helps create the atmosphere needed to make this film work. Maybe not as disturbing as "The Eye" or "Dark Water" this still ranks up there as one of the better Episodes in season two. Fan's of Asian cinema will enjoy this and non-fans as well with it's cast and location. Dream Cruise is a film with a strong story, a great cast and a feel all it's own that is well worth picking up this week. Released by Anchor Bay Home Entertainment. *** 1/2 Out Of *****