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Dead Lenny

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Cast: Armand Assante,Steven Bauer,Nicole Eggert,John Heard,Joe Piscopo

Producer(s): Serge Rodnunsky

Director(s): Serge Rodnunsky


Year: 2006

Rating: R

Mobster Tony Thick is expecting $5 million in cash to be delivered by Lenny Long from Los Angeles. Lenny is a mule for the mob and he's gone missing with the cash - is he dead? No one knows. When Lenny is a no show, Thick sends Shady to L.A. to look for the missing cash. Shady has no idea of the crazies he's going to run into. Shady meets Lenny's baby-desperate wife Sally, his ditsy mistress Eve, his muscle-headed brother Louis, his quirky neurosurgeon Dr. Hooker and a crew of other nut jobs all looking for the missing cash. When Lenny finally shows up in a San Bernardino Hospital in an on-again/off-again coma everything is turned upside down and everyone is on the chase for their share of the cash. One of main things Dead Lenny got going for it is it's terrific cast, how can you not like a film with Armand Assante and Steven Bauer in it, and it's great to see Joe Piscopo in a feature film again. The movie itself is a fun, light-hearted film with a great pace that keeps the you glued to TV till the very end. All the character's get their time to shine and all play very well off each other. Mob movies and comedy mixed don't have a very good track record but Director Serge Rodnunsky did a fine job here combining the two to make for a highly entertaining film. The cinematography was great and the shoots of New York were great as well. If your looking for something light and fun to watch grab this title today you will not be disappointed. Released by MTI Home Video. *** 1/2 Out Of *****