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The Forgotten Coast

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Cast: Travis Potter,Micah Byrne,Daniel Thomson,Brian Conley,Brett Schwartz

Producer(s): Jeremy McCormick,Justin Le Pera,Geoffrey James Clark

Director(s): Justin Le Pera


Year: 2007

Rating: PG-13

An group of elite surfers search the world over for the untapped waves, now their search brings them to Indonesia, where the most consistent world-class waves can be found around every bend. But the men will have to be ready both physically and mentally to challenge the Forgotten Coast.

The Forgotten Coast is a film more about getting there then it is about catching the waves afterwards. The crew and group of surfers went to Indonesia to find areas not touched and they went through a lot to get there, from 30 foot fishing boats to monsoon rains and even an injury and that was just trying to make it to an area that not even the guide had been to. What I found so amazing here about this film was the adventure, you are right there with them as they struggle past many obstacles to find the gold they all are looking for. Director Justin Le Pera had never taken a challenge like this before but you would never know that by seeing this fascinating adventure. Even if you have never surfed before you will enjoy this film for it's human side that shows the determination and desire from all involved to make to where no man has gone before in order to ride the waves. Forgotten Coast is inspiring and mesmerizing and a entertaining film for all ages to see. The DVD comes packed with bonus footage that includes, Commentary Track with Travis Potter and Director Justin LePera, Exclusive Interview with Surfer Brian Conley, The Forgotten Coast Screensaver and much more. Released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****