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Cast: Simon Yam,Tony Leung Ka Fai,Louis Koo

Producer(s): Dennis Law,Johnny To

Director(s): Johnny To


Year: 2005

Rating: NR-Cantonese/Mandarin with English and Spanish Subtitles

Johnny To is not just one of Asia's best Directors but in my opinion this man is one o the best in the world, I have not seen a film by him that I have not liked and Election is a pure example of his perfection of great cinema.

Every few years the members of the Wo Shing, Hong Kong's oldest society elect a new chairman from a group of up and coming men. This year the two men who are up for the job are about as different as can be. Lok is a respected and levelheaded business man and Big D is loud and one that can get very violent. But the society has lost it's symbol of leadership, The Dragon's Baton, now the hunt is on and the one finding it and bringing it back safe will be elected the new chairman. I guess unless you lived in the world these men live in it's hard to tell what life inside the Triad is really like but To has made a very realistic look at the way things are inside. The film is very violent in spots but doesn't contain as much actionas the sequel "Triad Election" which the review for is also on this site. This is a film for lovers of cinema, a true Traid film that shows everything that makes up such a genre like blood ties, favours and allegiances within the crime world. this is a true masterpiece and it's unlikely you will find a better movie besides the sequel. I also liked the way they showed the Police and how they handle the Triad in a human way and not just going out and killing them off. When To makes a film you know you are getting one that is straight forward and made with intelligent story-telling and great direction. If your a fan of the genre you will want to own this as well as it's sequel , Election is a great piece of cinema from one of the world's best Directors.The DVD comes loaded with special features that include, The Making of Election,Interview with Johnny To,Interviews with Tony Leung Ka Fai, Simon Yam and Wong Tin Lam and much more Released by Tartan Video. ***** Out Of *****