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Blood Car

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Cast: Anna Chlumsky,Mike Brune,Katie Rowlett


Year: 2007

Rating: NR

One of the reasons I enjoy Independent films so much is because the have to be creative in story to make up for lack of budget, Blood Car is an excellent example of this.

In the near future gas prices have hit an all time high of over $30 a gallon and no one drives anymore. Archie, a young man is determined to find another source for fuel and while experimenting he finds out that blood will run a run...human blood.

This reminded me of horror film's from the 70's, serious matters served up with some good humor. Blood Car has a lot going for it including it's cast, you have Anna "My Girl" Chlumsky and Mike Brune who both do a great job and work off each other well. The supporting cast is excellent is well and all make their roles believable. The film itself offers up a nice supply of blood,humor and political satire that are put together perfectly making for an entertaining ride till the very end. This brings back the days of going to the drive in and watching those horror films that were actually fun to watch, ones that would have you laughing and covering your eyes with each passing scene. I can see this becoming a cult classic in years to come once word of mouth get outs, it is one to add to your collection and makes for a good conversation piece as well among friends that have seen it. Released by TLA Releasing. ***** Out Of *****