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Knights of The South Bronx

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An Inner-City business man decides to return to teaching which is really his first love. He decides to teach at a tough school in the Bronx. Once there he meets with a group of young students that have no desire to learn but by teaching the children how to play the game of chess he not only opens their minds to learning but also they learn a lot about life in the process.

This 2005 made for tv film makes it's way to DVD this week. Movies about unusual teachers that inspire their students is not a new or ground-breaking thing, there has been many films that are about that same exact subject but this one almost ranks among the best. First off this is a "family" film, one the entire gang can sit down and watch together and that is never a bad thing. Plus it's message is good and I think important as well. Ted Danson is not one of my favorite actors but he really shines as Richard, his role here is very convincing. I also really liked the kids that make up the "Knights" chess team are all terrific and are really the center and heart of this film. In today's world where it seems are kids intelligence is based on their test grades alone it's great to see a film that shows that a teacher willing to reach out to their students can make a huge difference in their lives. This film is a tribute to many teachers and it also sheds light on some problems we have today educating our kids to other things that are important to their development. I highly recommend this film to any one with children or just any of those out their looking for a movie that doesnt offend and send a good message. Released by Allumination FilmWorks. ***** Out Of *****