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Masters of Horror: Family

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Horror NR. It’s a beautiful day in suburbia where mild-mannered bachelor Harold Thompson (George Wendt of CHEERS) is happily at work in his basement building the perfect family. But when a young couple moves in nextdoor, Harold sets his sights on the sexy young wife (Meredith Monroe of DAWSON’S CREEK). In a sunshine world of picket fences and manicured lawns, is it ever possible to know what gruesome plans are percolating in the minds of your neighbors? Matt Keeslar (SCREAM 3, ROSE RED) co-stars in this grisly black comedy with a killer twist from Director John Landis (AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, ANIMAL HOUSE) and Writer Brent Hanley (FRAILTY). After the first season's episode "Deer Woman" I was eager to see another one from Director John Landis and I have to say it was highly entertaining. George Wendt is fantastic as a lonely serial killer looking to find that perfect family, he plays the character to perfection. The supporting cast is also great including Meredith Monroe, as the sexy wife that just moved in across the street and one that right away catches the eye of Harold's. This was a perfect mix of humor and horror and together they kept the film moving along at a brisk pace making for a fun ride all the way to it's twist filled climax. As always I have to say the Masters of Horror series is well worth owning on DVD so pick this one up today. Bonus features include:


Audio commentaries

Bio of director John Landis

DVD-ROM screen play

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. **** Out Of *****