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Study Hell

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Cast: Steve McDougall,Lindsay dell,Ryan Fisher


Year: 2007

Rating: R

Study Hell may not be ground-breaking or a horror film that chances cinema forever but it is a likable film considering it's extremely low budget.

Don Keller, a war veteran has a lot of pressure on him from the school's principal to the very bad students he must deal with each day. On this day he is assigned to watch over a group of students that have to stay over but today Don will hit his breaking point and instead of being their teacher he will turn into a deranged killer and the students will have to fight for their lives.

The budget's are never a problem for me, in fact I support Independent film and do many reviews for titles as such. Study Hell is one of those movies but with an obvious lower budget than most in it's genre. But knowing that before putting this DVD in will surely help you enjoy this film more. Sure there's nothing original here and we have seen it all before but for some reason I could not help but at least like this movie and appreciate the effort put forth to make it as you can really tell a lot of heart went into it. The film's biggest triumph is the cast, all unknowns but still very good actors, and the characters are realistic and as the movie progresses you begin to care about a lot of them as well and for a low budget film that is something you hardly see in the horror genre. Sure you can pick from a lot of better films in the genre but if your looking for something different away from the mainstream pick this title up, it makes for a nice Halloween treat. Released by MTI Home Video. *** Out Of *****