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Cast: Jill Marie Jones, Kenny Young, Terri J. Vaughn, Jenifer Lewis, Chris Spencer, Joe Torry

Producer(s): Phil James,Sal Munir,Amberr Washington

Director(s): Phil James


Year: 2007

Rating: R

I put this title in not expecting a lot from it but to my surprise this was both clever and funny.

Brian and Tanya Diggs have to be the world's most boring couple, Their is dull and they just can't seem to fun any fun. Even after going to therapy they still are still the hopeless couple they were before. The one night while driving home from work Brian gets into a confrontation with another motorist that hit him from behind while stopped a a stop sign, during this struggle Brain finally loses it and ends up killing the guy. Afterwards he realizes that he really enjoyed committing the act. After having his loser neighbor make himself at home again in their house Brian once again tries to kill him but this time he needs assistance from his wife Tanya and yes she too enjoys what she has just done. It seems the Diggs have found the one thing in their lives that was missing, the thrill of killing is what truly makes them happy. Redrum may not be original but what makes it work so well is the great cast and and witty and sharp dialogue as well as a story that has a good pace. Jill Marie Jones and Kenny Young are fantastic together as the Tanya and Brian Diggs. Their chemistry together is fantastic, they are perfect together and never miss a beat. There's a lot to like about Redrum, it's a black comedy that succeeds on all levels and makes for a highly entertaining movie that will please any fan of comedy. The DVD comes with bonus features that includes a Behind the scenes Documentary-"The making of Independent Murder". Released by First Look Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****