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Cast: Tom Arlotta,Chyna Layne,James Parris,Raekwon,Michael Wright

Producer(s): Katrina 'Kat' McCloud

Director(s): Jon Stu


Year: 2007

Rating: R

When the daughter of a powerful Judge takes tainted ecstasy at a New Years Eve party and dies, a political war takes to the streets. The city’s two major dealers cut a life or death deal with the biggest street supplier – find the tainted batch or take the fall. Now, the two rivals must work together against adversarial gangs and a hired assassin to find out who is behind the poison before the street war becomes a bloodbath.

There's been many Urban titles released that all seem to half the same story and a lot are full of some very bad acting as well. Hardrock kinda chances that a little but doesn't bring any new ground in doing so. Michael Wright and Raekwon(Wu-Tang Clan) are the biggest dealers on the street and are employed by the coast's biggest drug lord. When the Mayor’s daughter dies of a bad batch of ecstasy the two hot shots are sent out to find those behind it before the heat comes down on them. I am not sure this was a good film or not but it was at least entertaining enough and I wasn't upset after it was over that I wasted time watching it. I recommend this to any fan of Urban cinema or drug,thug related film's in general, it does have a built in audience and those are the ones that should find this to be a good film. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****