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Apartment 1303

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Cast: Eriko Hatsune,Yuka Itaya,Naoko Otani

Producer(s): Chiaki Harada

Director(s): Ataru Oikawa

Genre:Horror in Japanese with English Subtitles

Year: 2007

Rating: NR

I read a few reviews on this film before receiving it and all said the genre was old and over done, I guess these same people have not seen many of today's Hollywood films.

While celebrating her new apartment with her friends, a young woman suddenly and inexplicably leaps from the balcony, killing herself. Unconvinced that it was a suicide, the victim's sister searches for the sinister truth behind the tragedy. Her investigation into the apartment reveals a dark history and the existence of an unspeakable, powerful evil. What fate awaits the next tenant in this tale of terror?

Sure the ghost with a vengeance thing has been done many times over In Asian cinema but it must still remain a popular thing or they wouldn't be making them. Apartment 1303 is the latest from Tartan Video and while it does fall to some of the old formulas it also offers up a few new wrinkles that make this J Horror a very enjoyable film. Director Ataru Oikawa(Tomie) like all Asian horror directors has create a film that's dark and moody, a setting that creates a thick atmosphere and suspense that grabs the viewer by the throat and never lets go. The story is pretty straight forward but there's one important wrinkle which I will leave to your viewing pleasure that sets this apart from the many other ghost related films. The acting is very good and you get to see a lot of beautiful women as well in the film as a sort of eye candy which is a nice bonus. But the heart of the film is the direction, the lighting and cinematography are simply amazing and they are something Hollywood has failed to duplicate numerous times now. The ghost here is used in a clever way, sure you get to see her but she is never over-used and placed in the film at all the right times. There's one scene in the film that uses special effects and it is simply amazing and a must see. 1303 is not the best J Horror film I have ever seen but it tries and succeeds in being a pretty damn good one and is perfect for the Halloween season as well. Call me a sucker but I just love these movies for several reasons, as in all Asian cinema the photography and sound effects and like no other so I highly recommend this to fans and non- fans alike...just prepare to be scared. Released by Tartan Video. **** Out Of *****