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Day Watch

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Cast: Konstantin Khabensky,Mariya Poroshina,Vladimir Menshov,

Producer(s): Konstantin Ernst,Anatoli Maksimov

Director(s): Ataru Oikawa


Year: 2006

Rating: Unrated

Day Watch is a sci-fi type film that goes way beyond anything I have seen from Hollywood.

It has been some time since the grand finale of the original film. Anton continues to fight the forces of Darkness while simultaneously attempting to find and save his son from the clutches of those same forces. But when Dark Others start mysteriously being killed, and Anton is framed for their murders, he must put that goal on hold and try to escape the Day Watch that is looking for his blood.

I like many loved the first film was waiting to see this sequel and let me tell you it's well worth the wait. Day watch does what a lot of others in the genre try to do but never succeed, it combines elements of humor,sci-fi,fantasy,drama,thriller and even horror into over 2 hours of action packed excitement that has to be seen to be believed. I can't sit here and type about this film and do it any justice, it's a film that has to be seen to really get the real effect this film has on it's viewers. The cast is terrific, the dialogue is remarkable and the plot is think and it grabs you and pulls you in till the end credits. I suggest you see "Night Watch", the first film in this trilogy before seeing this one as you might be lost as to why things are the way the are if you don't. It's a shame some of the references in the film will most likely be lost to western audiences but do not let that keep you from seeing this remarkable piece of cinema. I strongly urge you to add both films to your collection, both are two movies that can watched over and over and each time you do you see or get something else from the film you might have missed the first time. This is one I will be watching again and I'm sure with strong word of mouth many of you will enjoy this film as much as I did. This Unrated version of the film includes but the original Russian language and the English dub as well, also it includes a "Making of Featurette plus a Director's Commentary and more. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****