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Route 66 Season One Volume One

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Cast: Martin Milner,George Maharis

Producer(s): Herbert B. Leonard

Director(s): Arthur Hiller, George Sherman


Year: 1960-1964

Rating: NR

Route 66 is finally on DVD, We can now cruise the U.S. with Tod and Buzz.This 1960s TV series about two young men taking to the road winds its way into your home. Martin Milner stars as privileged Yale graduate Tod Stiles and George Maharis plays streetwise tough Buz Murdock. Riding in a Corvette, the guys set out to get their kicks on Route 66, journey across America and discover themselves along the way. Fan's of the series which ran from 1960 to 1964 have been waiting for this moment, for the first time ever at least the first volume of season one is now on DVD. Regarded by many as the best Television drama show ever and if you have never seen it after watching just one episode you likely agree. I was too young to see this show but I did catch at least some of it later and when it comes to drama it doesn't get much better than this. For the first Volume you will be getting the following:

Disc One includes the following episodes: "Black November," "A Lance of Straw," "The Swan Bed" and "The Man on the Monkey Board."

Disc Two includes the following episodes: "The Strengthening Angels," "Ten Drops of Water," "Three Sides" and "Legacy for Lucia."

Disc Three includes the following episodes: "Layout at Glen Canyon," "The Beryllium Eater," "A Fury Slinging Flame" and "Sheba."

Disc Four includes the following episodes: "The Quick and the Dead," "Play it Glissando" and "The Clover Throne." The bonus material early 1960's commercials from the original series broadcast; filmographies of the cast and a classic Corvette photo gallery are also included.

If you have seen this series you know just how great this show was and if you haven't seen it do yourself a favor and pick this up and experience an America that will never exist again. Released by Infinity Group Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****