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Nearing Grace

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Cast: Gregory Smith,Jordana Brewster,Ashley Johnson,David Moscow,David Morse

Producer(s): Susan Johnson,Rick Rosenthal,Tracy Underwood

Director(s): Rick Rosenthal


Year: 2005

Rating: R

Nearing Grace is a fantastic coming of age story set in the 70's. After losing his mother to an early death in suburban 1970s New Jersey, the teenage Henry (Gregory Smith, of the WB's "Everwood") clings to the life force of an older woman named Grace (Jordana Brewster), who bewitches him body and soul. Meanwhile, his father (David Morse) reacts to his wife's death by quitting his job, growing out his hair and drinking himself to death, and Henry's brother (David Moscow) runs away from the nest.

This kind of film has been told over and over again but that's ok for this genre given the right script and cast. This intimate coming-of-age story benefits from excellent performances, notably Gregory Smith's(TV's Everwood) as a teenager who has a hard time adjusting after the loss of his mother. Henry's life now is about loss, not only his mother passing away but his dad has decided to quit his job as a professor at college and instead grow his hair long,ride his motorcycle and drink himself to death, at least it seems like he is giving it his best shot. Also his brother Blair just wants to stay on the road and get high, he seems to be lost in the 60's. Henry's best friend and the one person he could always talk to is Merna but she seems to be wanting more now than just friendship. Henry's attention switches to a new classmate, Grace but he's not in her league and soon he begins to have problems in school and with Grace as the spoiled bad girl begins to play games, ones that Henry is too fragile for at this time. This film was a real gem for me, sure the story is nothing original but the plot is well written and the cast is terrific. The team that brought you "Mean Creek" have come up with another great film about adolescence life and all it's problems. The film stands on it's own but the casting of Gregory Smith as Henry was the best move they could of ever made and is easily the highlight of his young career. If you enjoy this genre or just looking for something a little light to watch pick this title up today,I am sure after seeing it you are going to want to go out and buy this masterpiece called "Nearing Grace". The DVD comes with Outtakes and Deleted Scenes as well as Interviews with the cast. Released by Vivendi Visual Entertainment. ***** Out Of *****