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The Ghost

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A Horror NR. teenage girl suffering from amnesia discovers that she is somehow connected to a group of people who are being killed off one by one by a vengeful ghost. This is Tae-kyeong Kim first effort and writing and directing about a Ji-Won, a young student who has lost her memory due to something that happened to her in her past but the past slowly begins to catch up with her. Like all Asian horror film's The Ghost has everything to make for one scary film, from it's crepy sounds effects to it's long-haired ghost there's plenty to be frightened over. Also as I seem to point out in each Asian review the Cinematography is just beautiful something that really separates Asian Cinema from the rest of the world. Ghost stories have been done over in over again and one might think after awhile they would begin to become boring but I seem to always enjoy getting scared a few times. What separates this film from the many other's like it was the ending, a twist you will never see coming and one that changed this from you typical Asian ghost film to a very good one. If you enjoy a good ghost film you have to pick this one up today,wait till evening and turn the lights off and be prepared to be scared in this creepy, suspense filled ride with a killer ending. The DVD comes with bonus features that include:

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Released by Tartan Video. **** Out Of *****