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The Tripper

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Cast: David Arquette,Lukas Haas,Paul Reubens

Producer(s): David Arquette,Evan Astrowsky,Courteney Cox,Neil A. Machlis,Navin Narang

Director(s): David Arquette


Year: 2006

Rating: Unrated

David Arquette's directorial debut is sure to have it's critics, this will be film that you either like or hate there will be no middle of the road with this one. The story follows a bunch of hippies having a love festival in the woods, much to the annoyance of local hicks. They are stalked by a psychopath in a realistic Ronald Reagan mask who starts chopping them up. Arquette has created a kind of throw-back to old days of horror, a cult like film and is both slasher and a poke at political satire. The cast is very good, Paul Reubens is very funny as the man running the love festival and it's always good to see Lukas Haas in any film. The Tripper does have a lot going for it, there's plenty of gore and some good humor to lighten the load at times but it's used in all the right places just not tossed in for the sake of doing so. Hate it or love it Arquette has made a film that is a unique experience with characters that are multi-layered and fun to watch. Another thing that I found impressive is the film's dialogue, Arquette seems to have left no political ideal untouched. David has proved with this film that he's a very creative filmmaker and one Hollywood should be offering more money to as far as budget goes on his next film. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****