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Fighting Words

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Cast: C. Thomas Howell,Fred Willard,Fred Williamson

Producer(s): Alan Roberts

Director(s): E. Paul Edwards

Genre:Drama / Romance

Year: 2007

Rating: R

In underground clubs around the country is an undiscovered phenomenon called Slam Poetry where gifted poets fresh off the street go to war with each other through words. One night during one of these rants a gifted poet, JAKE THOMPSON is discovered by an attractive publisher, MARNI ELLIOT looking for new poets. Jake thinks he's got it made, but when their relationship turns sexual, a dark secret is revealed and Jake realizes that love is more than words and that sometimes you have to fight for the ones you love.

Fighting Words is a powerful film both in it's poetic work and the tour de force acting. This is movie for a real actor dreams of making, one to really showcase his or her talent and the entire cast really show it off here. A romantic comedy set against the backdrop of slam poetry competitions but it's also a film about self-discovery. Writer/director Paul Edwards really brings out the cast in his cast, C.Thomas Howell is brilliant as the successful and very nasty street poet and he is the film's stand-out. Fighting Words will appeal to many people including those that love poetry, but it's also a love story as well so if you want a light hearted drama I suggest you pick this title up today, it's worth a watch. Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****