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Experiment in Torture

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Cast: Brendan Connor,Marjan Faritous

Producer(s): George McCutcheon

Director(s): Sean MacArthur


Year: 2007

Rating: R

This is one of those films that sets out to offend people and I think it dose a pretty good job at doing so. Five strippers agree to spend a weekend at a cabin to make a porno video but what they get instead are some lunatics that begin torturing them until they can no longer take it.

To call this torture porn is giving it too much credit, for one the torture isn't all that gorey for extreme and porn, well most of women are clothed so that doesn't work either. But the film was not as bad as I had expected it to be, the acting is much better than I would of imagined and there's a few characters you come to feel for as the movie moves along. Some of the women and what they have to endure will make you feel for them and feel their pain. There's a sense here the film-makers wanted to make good on the "Saw" film's, once a movie is successful you begin to see a lot of this kind of stuff being released. Over-all if your a fan of this sort of horror film you may want to pick this title up and have a look. The film has it's good and certainly it's bad like a confusing plot with huge holes but for a low budget film that's to be expected. One thing is for sure, this title comes out at the right time during the Halloween season. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. ** 1/2 Out Of *****