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The Other Conquest

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Cast: Robin Thomas,Starr Andreef,Stephen Macht,Shawn Weatherly,Ross Partridge,Julia Nickson-Soul

Producer(s): Zane W. Levitt,Steve White,Mark Yellen,Christopher DeFaria ,Christopher DeFaria

Director(s): Steve White,John Murlowski,Tony Randel

Genre:Drama / History

Year: 1992/1993/1996

Rating: R

Three films from the Amityville franchise are now available for the first time on DVD and just in time for Halloween.

Amityville Dollhouse:A replica of the Amityville, Long Island haunted house is given to a young girl to play with as a dollhouse. Shortly thereafter, the demonic terror that gripped the original dwelling emerges from the childís small model and brings evil on a much larger scale.

Amityville 1992: Itís About Time:Jacob Sterling brings home an antique clock with more than just chimes inside. Strange occurrences and dangerous crimes break out in the once peaceful California suburb, driving Sterling and his family into insanity. Only when a teenage outcast unlocks the secret of the evil forces can their spell be broken and the sterling family be pulled back from the brink of madness.

Amityville: A New Generation: When an artist is given a gothic antique mirror, he unknowingly opens a doorway to unspeakable horrors when he discovers his Amityville related past and the terrifying future awaiting him and his friends.Many have seen these films before but now you can own them all in one collection. This makes a great collection for any fan to own. I admit these were not the best film's in the series but I still found them entertaining and got some good scares from them as well. Plus they are at least better than 3D which has to be the worse one of them all. It's nice to see some older titles making their way to DVD after all these years and I can only hope this is just the beginning. Released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****