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Dead in The Water

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Cast: Alissa Bailey,Christie Burgess,Megan Renee Burgess ,Jacob Paque

Producer(s): Emily Faith Cook,Jen Hellwig,Cannon Kinnard

Director(s): Marc Buhmann

Genre:Horror / Thriller

Year: 2006

Rating: R

Zombie films are both popular and maybe even over-done at this point and yet here comes another one for those that enjoy the genre.

Hot sisters, Tiffany and Jen lug along their boyfriends for a weekend retreat at their parent s cabin in the woods. However, upon arriving the foursome find the cabin empty, the parents MIA, no cell reception and of course their car just died! As darkness falls the twenty-somethings must fight for their lives as Zombies attack the cabin and death comes for them with a vengeance! And what do you do when you're surrounded by Zombies in the middle of nowhere?... Use the local lake as your escape, but what if evil lies beneath the water -- you die.

So what makes this film any different or better than most others in the genre? Well let's start with the norm for this kinda film, yes it is bloody with some very good special effects considering the budget. But what you find here is something that most film's like this don't have, you have characters that are engaging an well developed. You have flashbacks in form of memories that help us to understand each character and why they all have different motives, this is rare indeed for a zombie film and really boosts the film up another layer to me. Also you have a story that unravels slowly which is great here as we all get the background on everything and really can get into the story. The cast for a low budget film is fantastic, each actor seems to be really enjoying what they do and it really helps the viewer get into the film as well that much more. Also the scenery is beautiful and a perfect setting for the events that are about to unfold. Dead in The Water is a fresh take on an old genre and one I really enjoyed. Fan's will not be disappointed, own this DVD today. The DVD comes with some nice bonus features that include:

Behind the scenes footage

Cast and Crew commentary


Photo Montage

Award Winning Short Film:The Quiet Darkness

Released by Indican Pictures. **** Out Of *****