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Cast: Matthew Rhys,Kate Ashfield,Tom Chambers

Producer(s): Claire Bee,Richard Janes,Todd Kleparski

Director(s): Richard Janes

Genre:Comedy / Crime

Year: 2004

Rating: R

In this hilariously charming crime caper set in the eccentric London art world, Nick Edwards owes £50,000 to the super-smooth, yet brutal, crime-lord Foster Wright and has four days to find the cash. Nick knows nothing about working a heist of that size, but when he stumbles across a lost sketch by the legendary Italian artist Antonio Fraccini, he believes heís in the clear. The problem is, itís only worth 15 grand! With the help of the eternal cynic Eve and her extremely talented yet naÔve artist brother Tony, the plan is hatched; to forge the drawing and sell it to five Mayfair galleries within an hour before anyone cottons onto the fact thereís a scam going down.

This 2004 film is very entertaining and never once takes itself serious which makes for a highly enjoyable romp. The film deals with Nick Edwards, played brilliantly by Matthew Rhys, in fact the entire cast is fantastic. Nick has a problem, he owes big money and his only way out of it is to start another con that just lands him deeper and deeper in trouble. This was young Director Richard Janes' first feature film and for it's low budget he has made a film that has a lot going for it. First the film never once drags, Janes keep the film moving at a brisk pace with plenty of action and some nice twists along the way. Also the film is never offensive, you have the action without any real violence tossed in just for the sake of doing so. The humor and cast are what keeps this film fresh and a well-worn genre, The dialogue is very witty and the interaction between the characters is spot on making for not only a humorous film but a clever one as well. Fakers took be back to the days when their were those fun caper films that anyone could enjoy. If you enjoy a good light-hearted film this this little movie is worth checking out. Released by Indican Pictures. *** 1/2 Out Of *****