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Cast: Mark Strange,Graham Brownsmith,Malcolm Hankey,Stephanie Fend

Producer(s): Mark Strange

Director(s): Martin Holland

Genre:Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Year: 2006

Rating: R

There's some movies you just got to love because of the heart and hard work the cast and crew put into the film, Displaced is one of those movies.

Stel, a humanoid alien played by Mark Strange, teams up with a British soldier Private John Marrettie (Malcolm Hankey). They engage on an action-packed adventure to find a top secret file which holds information on advanced energy production, captured space crafts and their alien pilots including Stel's missing father, Arakawa, who's been shot down and imprisoned on Earth by Core - a human paramilitary group.

Sure one can watch this film and say it's not a very good movie. But they are not looking deep enough, this started off as being a short film and once they got going they seen the potential of this becoming a feature film so with a small cast and 1000 extra's from their region they all banned together and Displaced was born. Now once you know the details you can then see the great potential Director Martin Holland and Producer Mark Strange have if given budget of some kind. Even with it's limitations the film manages to have high octane action as well as some very good suspense mixed together with a very good story and a lot of creativity. I am not going to say this is a great film cause it's not, but it is a film made by people that believed it could be done. Sadly I don't think many fan's of mainstream will like this or just blow it off as being another low-budget failure but Displaced is a triumph as far as what can be done without the means to do it and for that alone I have to recommend this movie. I hope someone in Hollywood takes a look at this film and hires these guys to make a movie and give them some money to do so so I can only imagine what they could come up with then. Pick this title up if your a fan of Sci-Fi or adventure films. Released by MTI Home Video. **** Out Of *****