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Civic Duty

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Cast: Peter Krause,Kari Matchett,Richard Schiff

Producer(s): Andrew Joiner,Peter Krause,Andrew Lanter,Tina Pehme,Kim Roberts

Director(s): Jeff Renfroe


Year: 2006

Rating: R

Post 9/11 has generated a lot of movies about terrorism, some have been well done while others sadly I think were made to generate business off a sad day in history. Civic Duty breaks away from the normal theme and offers a different view which is refreshing.

An American accountant bombarded with cable news and the media's obsession with terrorist plots in the post 9-11 world, receives a jolt when an unattached Islamic graduate student moves in next door.

This is a man that goes beyond anything I normal person might do or think, this a guy that is so paranoid that he begins to see things that may or may not be real. Peter Krause is fantastic as Terry Allen, a man that las his job after 9/11 and is so wrapped up in what's going on in the world he begins to let it control his life and his actions. Kari Matchett is also excellent has his wife that attempts to keep her husband from totally losing it after a "Middle-Eastern" man moves in next door and begins to have visitors and boxes delivered to his apartment. The is a Terry is a kind of blend of "Taxi Driver" and "Falling Down", a person that has let everything around get the best of him to the point where he just snaps. I have to say I loved this film, the story was great, the cast top-notch and the tension and suspense is set to high. This is a riveting film that will keep you glued to your seat till the shocking ending. Own this DVD today. Released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****